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Buying a timeshare may be one of the best long-term vacation choices you can make. Compared to the high cost of hotels, timeshares can provide good value for your vacationing dollars. A timeshare can provide many years of vacation enjoyment for you and your family. You can visit your timeshare year-after-year, or you can trade it through the RCI and II exchange companies to enjoy vacations anywhere in the world.

Many of you reading this, you have no doubt encountered people who want to send you to a "presentation". These presentations are actually sales presentations set up by the resort developer. And while the presentations may be soft-sell, often simply by the fact that the presentation becomes endless, and people will buy a timeshare that is often not appropriate for them.

Timeshares are ideal for:
For people who can make vacation plans well in advance
For families, where the cost of multiple hotel rooms can become prohibitive
For people who enjoy resort-types amenities with their accomodations.

Timeshare resales

Buying a timeshare on the resale market, makes good economic sense. Had you bought from the developer, at least 50% of the original selling price would go towards marketing and sales fees. By buying a timeshare resale you can save over 50% ! off the original cost. And you can enjoy your unit or trade it through RCI or II, just like any owner, for years to come. helps people who wish to sell their timeshare ownership find people looking to make a wise vacation purchase. Peruse our listings and you may find some of the best values on timeshare resales at some of the finest timesharing resorts. Our listings, as you can see from the selection below, encompass timeshares from every corner of the world.

Selling your timeshare

If you are a timeshare owner wishing to sell your timeshare, please select the "Sell my timeshare" option from the menu at the top of this page and post your listing in less than 3 minutes! And, as an introductory, limited-time offer, YOUR CAN LIST FOR FREE!!!.

We are not a timeshare broker is not a timeshare broker. We provide a classified advertising service whereby owners of timeshares who wish to sell their timeshares can advertise their timeshare for resale in order to find people who are interested in buying a timeshare. Our website is an advertising service. It is the timeshare owners who advertise on our site that sell their ownership. WE DO NOT AND HAVE NOT SOLD ANY TIMESHARES. We do not receive any form of a commission, nor do we have any way of knowing whether the timeshare owner sold their timeshare ownership.         New York                    

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