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About Us

Our FREE Timeshare Resale Advertising Service

We are not a timeshare broker is not a timeshare broker. We provide a classified advertising service whereby owners of timeshares who wish to sell their timeshares can advertise their timeshare for resale in order to find people who are interested in buying a timeshare. Our advertising service is not unlike that of a car owner placing a classified ad in a newspaper in order to find an interested buyer for their car. In order to protect our advertiser's privacy, we do not disclose the owner's last name or email address. We forward the initial email to the timeshare owner that is interested in reselling their ownership. It is up to the owner's discretion whether or not to respond to the initial contact. We have no knowledge as to whether the owner responded to the initial email. Our website is an advertising service. It is the timeshare owners who advertise on our site that sell their ownership. WE DO NOT AND HAVE NOT SOLD ANY TIMESHARES. We do not receive any form of a commission, nor do we have any way of knowing whether the timeshare owner sold their timeshare ownership.

If you need to contact us, please email us at the address listed below.

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Since this is simply a classified listing service, we can not contact either the buyer nor seller on your behalf.

This service is completely free at this time.
Until we begin charging a standard $39.99 fee per listing, customer service will not be available for this site.         New York