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Toshali Royal View, Shimla

Toshali Resorts at Shimla, India

Listing Price : $ 8000
Week : 17 Maintenance Fee: $ 200
Bedrooms : 1 Baths : 2
Occupancy : 4/4 Lockout : Yes
Float Range : Season : Red
OwnershipType : Lease (if RTU) Expire Date : 2097
Usage : Annual Unit Number : float
Resort Description :
Beautiful Resort Hotel near the top Himalayan tourist destination in India - Shimla. Top week. The annual costs are the lowest in the industry. One can exchange with the company to other resorts in India and abroad.
Unit Description :
One bed room, one drawing cum bed, kitchenette, one/two bathrooms, club facility, restaurant, grocery shop etc. in the resort. Beautiful rooms and scenary.
Owner name(First name only) : abhinav
Contact the owner of this unit         New York